Politics of Nature РAmager Fælled in Copenhagen (first edition)

Who shall live where, when and how?

On August 28th clouds came together with frogs, construction magnates and Bill Gates to discuss the future of Amager Fælled, of political representation of non-humans and how tech could be a part of all of this!

Politics of Urban Nature (opening speech by Oleg Koefoed)

The cities of the future must be created by more and better collaboration. Power must be distributed. Conversations must engage many more actors than what is mostly the case today. Corporate as well as public leaders and institutions will have to overcome the separation strategies and approaches to knowledge that still dominate most economy, science, and politics.

What afterlife (extended realties)

In its nature these discussions appear abstract. They have never before been able to take place. In a virtual environment we can create the software and thereby the rules of engagement. It’s not possible to deviate. 

A good setting for democratic learning exercises.

Liquid democracy

Since 2015 we have been nurturing the idea of merging Latours vision of a Parliament of Things with the liquid democracy, a hybrid between direct democracy and representative democracy

Politics of Nature – Amsterdam Rainproof / Waag – (second edition)

The slight unease of parleying with crayfish

The World Commons Week, 
that ran from 4 to 12 October, marked the fiftieth anniversary of ‚ÄėTragedy of the Commons‚Äô, an infamous Science article written by Garrett Hardin.¬†

Europe lived through a blistering hot and bone dry summer. It has become clear that this age of change requires not only new technology, but new political ways to mediate relations between people and the rest of the natural world.

Politics of Nature was the first initiative to be invited to the Chamber of Commons in Amsterdam.

Rules of the meeting game + game board

This is for anyone to download, play and have fun with the game AND guide you to host your own meetings

Privacy by Design in XR at VRDAYS 2018

Politics of Nature explored the privacy / surveillance capitalism controversy in relation to XR during the VR Days 2018 in Amsterdam.

With further advancement of XR technology it becomes very tempting to asses and to track not only user behavior in the classical sense. Combined with biometric information, it is very likely that the core essence of the human mind can and will be used and misused.

Politics of Nature – Hydro-resiliance in Brasila (forth edition)