What afterlife (extended realties)


Politics of Nature will explore how humans with multi-perspectives can learn to interact with non-humans and engage in a political discussion where the end goal is consents for coexistence.

We believe this can be done with the use of the right technology, the right supporting education and assembly of people. With the help of XR (extended realities) we want to improve the communication between all sentient beings, single organisms ecosystems and swarm intelligence entities.

Why is VR different?

Because it creates strong illusionsĀ that are unlike those found inĀ  other media:Ā 

illusions of place, embodiment, and agency.

Experiences made by Marshmellow Laserfeast and Jakob Steen Knudsen show a potential of new encounters and embodiment of nature, that we want to help push further.

Credit:Ā Marshmellow Laser Feast

Credit: David Stjernholm, kunsten.nu

We need to create an abstract world where beings with no voices gets anĀ voice, in order for their voices and arguments to be remembered in ā€˜the realĀ worldā€™. In its nature these discussions appear abstract. They have never beforeĀ been able to take place. In a virtual environment we can create the software and thereby the rules of engagement. Itā€™s not possible to deviate.

A good setting for democratic learning exercises.


A virtual environment could be created where six actors (e.g. a blacksmith, a butterfly, a local politician, the owner of a water company, a turtle, a tree or an assembly of tree sorts) will meet and discuss future coexistence with the resources remaining and needs as the foundation for the talk.Ā 

Bruno Latours – Parliament of Things could be made and demonstrated how the knowledge is being accumulated in each chamber. The same goes for his latest contribution Down to Earth underlining the different existing approaches to climate conflicts arguably deriving from seven different planets or conceptions of The Earth


Ideal timeplan


The case is chosen by our partners in the host country fromĀ parameters of urgency, media coverage, regional importance etc.

Together we will challenge previous conceptions on governance, commitments and rights, and do an extensive stakeholder and controversy mapping if time and ressources are available.

Consents from the actors at the analog workshop will lead to prototypes and representation in XR. These productions should afterwards find their way to relevant festivals and showcase opportunities.Ā 

The goal is to:

– strengthen our level of abstraction

– practice coherence in analog and virtual spaces

– making new democratic experiments with a greaterĀ representation to drive policy

– explore the communication potential with XR

– contribute to further research