Politics of Nature

The board game

We invite you to radically re-think & re-construct the operating systems of society. 
Who is allowed to live when, how and where ? These questions are more relevant than ever. Whoever exist and has been acknowledged as inhabitant in the collective – a collective defined by the chosen game topic – has a voice, a view and democratic tools to object against extinction. 

We offer workshops, presentations to support the outcome of the game: Consents for coexistence
It can be downloaded for free. Iterations and updates will be uploaded in the folder and shared.
We call it progressive group therapy, a citizen assembly including non-human actors, and a practical way to imagine something else than the status quo. One iteration at the time …

“The Institute aims to strengthen projects that promote the UN Sustainability Development Goals, and Politics of Nature is doing just that and much more moving the public to rethink who is allowed to speak and how to listen…
It expands our conception of the known and the unknown and bring people and especially polarized groups together”

Maibrit Thomsen
Director, Danish Cultural Institute, Rio de Janiero