Future of water in Brasilia

by Denise Augustinho, University of Brasilia (UnB) My research initially focused on the perception of water resource managers about the future of water in Federal District (DF), but I realized that there were many missing actors in this complex network. Actors who really hold power are not open to dialogue, neither to this research, as […]

Liquid Democracy

Since 2015 we have been nurturing the idea of merging Latours vision of a Parliament of Things with the liquid democracy, a hybrid between direct democracy and representative democracy. We are interested in tracing the representation of the delegation of mandates between agents in a form carrying greater resemblance to the actual interactional space of […]

The ever increasing need for better debates

  Politics of Nature is an international initiative uniting people from tech, sciences and society to rethink, develop and deploy better ways of governing the commons. Since May 2018 we have made four editions. One in Copenhagen, two in Amsterdam and one in Brasilia. You can read about them in the Articles section The project […]