PoN is a framework for rapid identification of actors
and their relationships,

PoN is designed to enable everyone
to playfully unpack and resolve controversies.

- before the time to decide is up

Who should play ?


Students from +13 will learn how to analyse and challenge the current decision making in the world.
PoN is a collaborative game seeking to avoid zero-sum scenarios.
The aim of PoN is to play as a team to explore and decide on potential good common worlds in which more indispensable beings can exist than if the status quo is continued

PoN offers teaching material and support and can adapt to various courses and durations


PoN is a player-driven story where any theme is possible. The convener of PoN is not unlike the D&D game master.
Players will become faithful ambassadors of beings while upholding the duties of skill sets characters making them ambassadors of PoN.
Their success as a team depends on how good they internalize the customs and how faithfully their imagination


PoN is a meeting protocol. A place where beings can have their existence renegotiated. PoN can be used as a strategy and risk management tool.
Get a thorough and quick overview of important actors and challenges facing your organization. PoN will help your organization discover these things.
We offer workshops, education and stake holder analysis training the staff to take an even greater pool of perspectives into their daily operations.
Internalize the SDG’s and increase competitive awareness to future-proof your organization.

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