South Africa / March 2019

Politics of Nature

–          Join us in combatting pollution and ensuring water security in the Eerste River Catchment!


This South African Edition of Politics of Nature is commissioned by the Stellenbosch River Collaborative (SRC) and to propose interventions that enhance water-affected livelihoods for human and non-human water users in the Eerste River catchment. 


The meeting will be conducted with Politics of Nature, a meeting format designed to bring Bruno Latour’s Political Philosophy by the same name to life. Inspired by board games, power theory and deliberative democracy, previous conceptions of politics and power structures are challenged and reconfigured.


With participation of Key Roleplayers from research, state, industry, civil society and NGOs, either living within the catchment or affecting how water is governed and used, the proposals will be challenged from all sides, and consented to based on the awareness that status quo is no longer acceptable. 

Special thanks to Rob van Zyl for game development sessions, Stellenbosch University Water Institute, Nadiah Stroh and Corbin Raymond from Stellenbosch Visual Arts Department for designing the board game, De Warenmarkt for hosting the event